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3D Printing for Prototypes

Here at Moldwel, we are proud to offer expert 3D printing services when it comes to developing your product.

Our 3D printing service quickly transforms CAD files into 3D products, without the need to invest in expensive mould tooling. Instead, durable and usable products made through layers of ABS are used. During the concept and design stage, 3D printing can help showcase the finished component. It can also exemplify a specific design and test the effectiveness of specific parts.

Prototype production

The CAD data is converted into an STL file, before being loaded into our own advanced software. The software then creates a program to produce prototypes. It uses a mixture of support materials to make sure that the features remain sturdy during the build. However, the base material is made from ABS.

Quality checking

Once completed and removed from the build tray, the component is washed in a specially designed solution. The solution dissolves away the support material. As a result of this, a quality prototype that can be used to assist various aspects of the process – from toolmaking to quality checking.

Speedy printing

3D printing is a revolutionary process that is continually growing. On a smaller scale, it is used to build quick prototypes of a product. However, on a larger scale, the process is used to create products for some of the world’s leading industries. These include the medical, aerospace and marine sectors.

Our support team

We also work with a chain of trusted manufacturing partners who support us in providing 3D prints in a range of different processes. We can deliver high quality prototypes through SLA, SLS and Vacuum Casting in short lead times. The allows you to be able to test the market as soon as possible, before proceeding with the full mould tooling. Additive manufacturing is executed using highly advanced technology. We’ll ensure only the most experienced and expert manufacturing partners will work with your project.

Can we speak with any of your existing customers and get a “recommendation” from them?

Yes by all means – we can give you several different contacts from different industries who can give you an unbiased view on Moldwel and what we do.

Will 3d printing replace injection moulding?

No, plastic injection moulding creates much stronger products than 3D printing. In addition, manufacturers produce products faster, more efficiently, and with higher dimensional precision than 3D printers in many applications.

We are proud to go the extra mile to understand your specific requirements.