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Existing customer in Walsall

One of what we consider to be our key strengths for plastic injection moulding in the West Midlands is the fact that we work hard. We also have an extensive knowledge and experience of our industry. and always try to find a solution or a way to “get around” a problem.

We were recently approached, through a company we already mould for, based nearby to us in Walsall. They had injection moulded parts made elsewhere and they were having major problems with a new product they had recently launched. The moulded parts were cracking and breaking under very minimal stress. Overall, the parts weren’t fit for purpose, and were being returned to them.

Technical advice

They had spoken with their current moulder who couldn’t explain or understand why the parts were failing. We suggested they send us some samples, both good and failed, and come and see us to discuss. We arranged for one of our Raw Material suppliers technical people to also attend.

Materials choice

Upon seeing the samples it was clear (to us anyway) that there were two major issues. Firstly, the gate position was in the wrong place – affecting the material flow and causing voids/weak points. Secondly, the material used (as suggested by their current moulder) was incorrect and no strong enough to do what they required it to. Meeting took about 20 minutes to conclude and they went back to their current moulder with these “suggestions”.

Problem solved

We didn’t hear anything for several months but then out of the blue we received a phone call to say that the current moulder moved the gate position, changed material and hey presto the parts are now not breaking and working correctly!

Additional opportunities

The customer on-shored the remaining 25% of work that was going to China and gave Moldwel 100% of the work.

Customer service counts

The point is here sometimes it is better to seek advice from elsewhere. For plastic injection moulding in the West Midlands, we have contacts and relationships with experts from many different fields – materials, tool design, product design to name just a few.

We are happy to discuss any projects, new or existing on a totally informal, no obligation basis .