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First established in 1973, Moldwel operates a very lean and flexible manufacturing facility for our plastic injection moulding services. Based in the West Midlands, our company uses the very latest technological advancements possible to offer the best possible injection moulding results.

Using our forty years of experience, we can offer you expert advice, from the design stage to development. We strive to maintain our family based approach whilst offering high quality moulding skills and expertise.

  • Design
  • Tool Making
  • Assembly
  • Labelling
  • Delivery

Why Work with Moldwel?

We have invested heavily in some of the latest state-of-the-art machinery and fully equipped facilities. Therefore, we can create moulds for all sorts of different products. In addition, creating plastic injection moulding solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our machines range in size from 35 tonnes to 328 tonnes. This allows us to manufacture components from a weight of 0.1grams up to around 1100 grams.

Every requirement is different. So, we understand that flexibility and versatility is key when it comes to plastic injection moulding services. This helps to ensure we meet your own individual requirements with ease and efficiency.

As a leading plastic injection moulding company that has years of experience, we guarantee to provide you with high quality components that match your specifications.

Bespoke & Flexible

We can accommodate any size of plastic injection moulding production run from one off to 1 million plus. Additionally, are happy to work to call-off schedules and carry stock to allow a Kan Ban delivery system.

Around 75% of our products are manufactured in Standard Commodity Polymers. The remainder are produced in Engineering Materials such as Delrin, Zytel, Crastin and Pocan.

As well as the latest developments in Metal Replacement Polymers. We are also able to offer extensive experience in over-moulding as well as Insert Moulding.

Our bespoke and flexible plastic injection moulding service enables the production of a range of precision injection moulded products and parts. All of which are as varied as our extensive customer base from 1st aid boxes and electronic enclosures, to coin operated locks and oil separation units.

Moldwel: Plastic Injection Moulding Experts

We want to be able to create solutions that represent everything your company stands for. So, we’ll always work hard to create accurate, uniform and flawless moulds. With a fast turnaround time too.

As a family-based company, quality, service, and value are three aspects that are incredibly vital to us. Therefore, we work hard to make sure this is reflected across everything we design and create for our customers.

We manufacture with only the finest materials and resources. This ensures that all of our products can be made to the highest standards. We’ll always aim to offer the most competitive prices we can too.

Product Development


During this process, we cover a wide range of aspects that can be individually tailored to meet your own specific requirements. Our 3D printing allows you to get an accurate representation of your product in an ABS material. You can then use this full size or scaled-down representation to assess the interests of various target consumers.

Benefits of a 3D Print

This test product also assists internally by helping the tool-building team to gain a wider understanding of the major functions, that will need to be accommodated for.

The print will help the moulding technicians too. It will help them to optimise the plastic injection moulding process. Additionally, it will help determine the strengths and weaknesses at the trial stage.

Trialing the Tools and Products

Trialing is vital in project development in order to ensure that the component created is exactly what you were looking for. In the trialling stage, you’ll have a finished component in the exact materials that you have specified.

This can often prove to be better than 3D printing. You are able to view samples that will be equivalent representations of the final production components.

Full Moulds

To enhance the product development stage even further, we can also create full mould tooling solutions. These can prove more beneficial due to the fact they have a dedicated temperature control, enhanced feed point options, and the option of full side movement.

Inserts Available

Modular Insert Tooling solutions are also available here at Moldwel. Our modular inserts and full mould tools can produce either the full component or part of the component. This allows the team to be able to check vital features or finer detailed areas during the development stage.

Design Optimisation

The trialing products will be completed using your exact choice of tooling solution. It is then carried out by our team of expert moulding technicians. During this stage, we’ll also look for any alterations that can be made in order to optimise and enhance the product even further.

At Moldwel, we can help to enhance the development process even further. We use the services to identify the best possible solution for you and your project.

Materials Advice

If you’ve got a component design in mind, but are still not sure on your material, we’re happy to offer advice on the suitable thermoplastics that we recommend using.

During this process, it’s important that you relay to us any specific requirements or properties that you need your product to have. This ensures we can bear these in mind when considering materials and other variables.

Post Production Services

Our company offers and supplies in-house secondary operations to our plastic injection moulding service. This includes printing, assembly, specialist packing and labelling.

We operate our own transport. Therefore, we can deliver your injection moulding products anywhere within the UK at any time requested, all from our company in the West Midlands base.

Our experienced team of plastic moulding technicians and quality engineers are on-call and available 24 hours a day. As a result, they can handle any question or query you may have about plastic injection moulding manufacture. As well, they can help to solve any immediate problem. Therefore, you can have peace of mind and access to the best possible after sales service.

We always strive to go the extra mile with our services.