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What plastics are used in injection moulding?

There is a wide range of plastic materials available to use in injection moulding. It entirely depends on the application to which plastic you choose. However, some of the most popular plastics are:

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Polycarbonate (PC)

What is the plastic injection moulding process?

Firstly, the plastic pallets are melted. After that, once malleable enough the plastic is injected with pressure into a mould. It then is filled and solidifies to produce the final object.
Furthermore, at Moldwel, the process of your injection moulding project starts from the quotation. In addition, we offer design support if you require it.

How much does plastic injection moulding cost?

This is the Million Dollar Question. It depends on the plastic you use and the application you want to produce. The cost of injection moulding can differ. It’s impossible to give an accurate estimate without seeing a sample or drawing – some simple tools or moulding plates can cost as little as £1500, some of our recent tools have cost in excess of £40,000.

How long does the whole process take ?

Again, very difficult to estimate without seeing a drawing or sample, some recent projects have taken 6 weeks, from initial conversation to having samples produced, some larger more complex parts have taken in excess of 6 months.

Can we come and see your moulding facility and have a look round?

Yes, by all means – if you call ahead we can make sure there is someone on site to show you around.

Do you operate ISO 9002?

Not as such. We did have accreditation some years back when we moulded for the automotive industry but when we moved away from this sector we spoke with all of our customers, including those that are in the medical industry, and none required this from us. We still operate the same quality system and use the same procedures as we did when we were ISO accredited without the costs and paperwork associated with it

What does plastic injection moulding make?

There are a wide range of applications that can be made using injection moulding for a variety of industries. Here at Moldwel, we have supplied seating into Sports Stadiums, external parts for Hospital Beds, light fittings and fixtures. If you think you can benefit from injection moulding, get in touch with us today.

Design Support

I have no drawings? What do I do?

Not a major problem, we work closely with several designers who we can put you in touch with, who can assist with drawing up your product and making it mouldable.

Can we speak with any of your existing customers and get a “recommendation” from them?

Yes by all means – we can give you several different contacts from different industries who can give you an unbiased view on Moldwel and what we do.

3D Printing

Will 3d printing replace injection moulding?

No, plastic injection moulding creates much stronger products than 3D printing. In addition, manufacturers produce products faster, more efficiently, and with higher dimensional precision than 3D printers in many applications.

Moulding Tool Solutions

I have a moulding tool elsewhere but am not happy with my current supplier – can you help?

Yes, definitely. All we need initially is a sample of the part, details on the tooling and material spec – from this we can give you a price and then if the price is acceptable we can arrange tool collection – samples would be provided within 7 days of tool collection

I have an idea for a new product – can you help me ?

Yes, easiest way to get started is to give us a call and talk through your idea – if you have a drawing or sample this is even better and helps – we have a Non Disclosure Form which we can sign and send to you ahead of this – all enquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence.

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