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Plastic Injection Moulding

At Moldwel we operate a very lean and flexible manufacturing facility for plastic injection moulding in the West Midlands using the very latest technological advancements possible.

Our machines range in size from 35 tonnes to 270 tonnes allowing us to manufacture components from a weight of 0.1grams up to around 900 grams.

We can accommodate any size of plastic injection moulding production run from one off to 1 million plus, and are happy to work to call-off schedules and carry stock to allow a Kan Ban delivery system.

Around 50% of our products are manufactured in Standard Commodity Polymers, with the remainder produced in Engineering Materials such as Delrin, Zytel, Crastin and Pocan, as well as the latest developments in Metal Replacement Polymers. We are also able to offer extensive experience in over-moulding as well as Insert Moulding.

The result of this bespoke plastic injection moulding UK service and flexible production model is a range of precision injection moulded products and parts that is as varied as our extensive customer base from 1st aid boxes to electronic enclosures, from coin operated locks to oil separation units.

plastic injection moulding


Post Production Services

We can offer and supply in-house secondary operations to our plastic injection moulding service including printing, assembly, specialist packing and labelling.

We operate our own transport, allowing us to deliver anywhere within the UK at any time requested from our plastic injection moulding West Midlands base.

Our experienced team of plastic moulding UK technicians and quality engineers are on-call and available 24 hours a day to handle any question or query you may have about plastic injection moulding manufacture and to solve any immediate problem, giving you peace of mind and access to the best possible after sales service.