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The very nature of Plastic Injection Moulding means that we can supply to any industry. Basically, as plastic moulders in the UK, we can manufacture and mould almost anything made out of plastic. Historically our core industry or “forte” was the Healthcare Sector.

Medical Industry

For over 20 years, we supplied external parts for Hospital Beds, Tables and Ancillary Items. All for one of the largest healthcare companies in the UK (until they were bought out and moved production to Europe).

The Lighting Industry

We supply various bases, fittings and diffusers to several different companies throughout the UK. Bases are normally made from either Flame Retardant Polycarb or ABS. The Diffusers are made from Flame Retardant Polycarb (with Masterbatch added to aid light emission). They are highly polished to allow good light dispersion. Along with these we also supply various fixtures and fittings.


We supply to the leading Bobbin Manufacturer in the UK. They supply directly into the Textile Weavers across the UK and into Europe. These Bobbins come in a variety of different Bore Sizes, Lengths and Colours. Normally made from either Homopolymer PP or Copolymer PP. We do, on occasions, also produce these from 30% Glass Filled Nylon 6. These are produced from a variety of different tools, some Single Cavity Cold Runner Tools up to 8 impression Hot Runner Tools.

Fire and Emergency

We have manufactured various items for the emergency sector for many years. The parts we supply are varied from security lighting and fixtures, to items used internally and externally. For examples fire extinguishers and fire blankets. We mould these mainly from PP and HDPE, but also in Acetal and Nylon. Due to the very nature of the end use, quality is critical in the supply of these parts.

Stadium Seating

We have supplied seating into Sports Stadiums throughout the UK and Europe for the past 5 years. All of our seats and backs produced are made from a specially composed, toughened Polypropylene. Therefore ensuring a very sturdy seat that will last. You may recall seeing in the press recently that approximately 10000 “new” seats had to be taken out of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. These were manufactured outside of the UK and hadn’t had any UV additive added to them (the seats would have turned yellow when in direct sunlight for any period of time). This wouldn’t have happened if we had manufactured them. All of our seats are UV approved, manufactured to the highest standards and come with a full certificate of conformity to guarantee them.

Lock Manufacturers

Our largest single customer and market is the supply of parts into the Lock Manufacture Industry. We have supplied to the UK’s leading Lock Manufacturer for nearly 10 years now. We mould around 300 different parts from roughly 60 different tools. Materials used are varied, including Unfilled Nylon, Glass Filled Nylon, Acetal and a couple of specialised, none standard grade. We manufacture and deliver via a Kan Ban System, delivering once or twice a week. It carries stock of all items produced on site at Moldwel.

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