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Here at Moldwel, our tooling solutions allow components to be developed and manufactured in the required grade or thermoplastic that is most suitable for the part.

By manufacturing a moulded tool, you’ll be provided with a component made from the material of your choice and with your chosen surface finish. This makes it much easier to evaluate the product, and determine whether or not it is fit for purpose.

Manufacturing process

A modular insert system is often produced to begin with, and this will be inserted into one of our universal dies sets. We then manufacture the cavity and core details that help to form the part of the component, that has its own ejector system. This manufacturing process means that we can also incorporate loose inserts and side action movement to create undercut features. Arguably, this is one of the most cost effective solutions for tooling if you’re looking to create a component that exceeds constraints that rapid prototyping can have.

Bespoke options

We are also able to manufacture bespoke mould tooling for development. This solution is fully owned and allows us to produce products that are completely finished and meet production standards. Dimensional and functional amendments can also be made to support the development process. Bespoke mould tooling is often used for the development of individual impressions. These impressions can be shown to potential customers who haven’t yet decided to go ahead with multi-cavity tooling.

Benefits of Bespoke Options

In comparison to modular insert systems, bespoke tooling can offer much better temperature control and can create more complex forms.

Furthermore, at Moldwel, we see many different projects that still need finalising. Many of these components will need further development to enhance the product and its features. We can provide these services too.

When it comes to investing in mould tooling, it is vital to ensure that your product is fit for purpose sooner rather than later. Oversights can lead to costly amendments if things need to be put right further down the line. Our wide range of additional services offers comprehensive support to your and your project. Therefore, you can be sure that every aspect of your product’s development is covered and encompassed.

I have a moulding tool elsewhere but am not happy with my current supplier – can you help?

Yes, definitely. All we need initially is a sample of the part, details on the tooling and material spec – from this we can give you a price and then if the price is acceptable we can arrange tool collection – samples would be provided within 7 days of tool collection

I have an idea for a new product – can you help me?

Yes, easiest way to get started is to give us a call and talk through your idea – if you have a drawing or sample this is even better and helps – we have a Non Disclosure Form which we can sign and send to you ahead of this – all enquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence.

We are proud to go the extra mile to understand your specific requirements.