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Here at Moldwel, we are plastic injection moulding experts. We are proud to offer all of our customers, both new and existing, the highest levels of design support throughout all of the stages of their project.

40 Years Experience

With over four decades of experience in the plastic injection moulding industry, we have established an incredibly in-depth understanding of designing and manufacturing.

Meeting customer needs

We use this knowledge, along with our experience, to work with our customers and meet their individual requirements.

We tailor our levels of support around how much knowledge and expertise you already have when it comes to executing your project ideas.

If you require consistent guidance across every aspect of the project, then we are on hand to do just that. However, if you’re a fully competent designer, we’re also happy to let you lead unless you require any advice or support.

Bespoke Designs

Fully bespoke design services can be provided too. Therefore, no matter what stage you are at with your project, we’ll make sure it’s completed to the highest of standards.

Once the design is in place, the tool design stage is next. We’ll be making sure we can source the most economical solution for tooling configuration. At the same time, we’ll ensure the tooling offers reliable and quality support to production requirements.

The Design Process at Moldwel:

  • Review the design
  • Source the resources needed – such as thermoplastics
  • Mould tool design and material sourcing
  • Calculate the amount of cavities needed
  • Optimise and enhance the manufacturing process to efficiently meet your requirements

Flexible solutions

Here at Moldwel, we strive to offer complete flexibility when it comes to our design support. Although lots of our customers will already be equipped with designers of plastic moulded parts, we’ll still happy to offer any advice or guidance when required.

Cost saving advice

In addition to this, we’ll make sure that no opportunity is missed if we spot a change that can help to make savings.

Available tools

Mould tools that are fully detailed, or specially designed, insert systems are ideal to use when it comes to production. However, we can also accommodate those with 3D CAD models too. We’ll help make sure the part is suitable for plastic injection moulding. 


When it comes to choosing the raw materials, it is important that you take your time and consider all of the options available. There are many different materials to choose from, all of which boast properties that can help to meet specific requirements and purposes.

How to choose

Although your material needs to be suitable to meet the project’s desired application, we would advise against getting too specific with the properties and variables you would like the material to have. Having a broader range of materials to choose from is much more economical, as opposed to being restricted to just technically advanced material grades. When choosing your material, you need to ensure that you are considering mechanical properties, moulding characteristics and resin costs.

Other areas to consider when choosing your material include:

  • Melting temperature
  • Thermal stability
  • Strength
  • Resistance to impact and chemicals
  • Rate of shrinkage
  • Electrical conductivity
  • UV resistance
  • Colour
  • Flammability

Trusted suppliers

As plastic injection moulding experts, we only work with the most trusted and established suppliers. This ensures we have access to high standards of technical support when it comes to sourcing quality materials.

Expert help

If you’re looking for assistance when it comes to selecting materials, you can rely on our team of experts to help make sure you’re choosing the best resources that will optimise the success of your project.

Product Assessment

Using our experience and expertise, we’ll conduct an initial review of the product. We will make sure the materials and designs can be accommodated for, and are suitable for your project.

Need packaging?

We’ll also make sure that the production process is suited to your individual specifications, as well as considering potential packaging requirements too.

Trust is important

When it comes to confidentiality, we fully understand the importance of making sure products are kept private. Therefore, we’ll happily sign any Non-Disclosure Agreements if required.

How can Moldwel help?

  • Choosing your thermoplastics
  • Evaluating your product designs
  • Suggesting any changes that will benefit the manufacturing process
  • Determining the production process
  • Consideration of packaging requirements
New product considerations:

  • Part geometry
  • Undercutting
  • Positions of the feed
  • Finishing
  • Draft angles
  • Requirements post moulding


During the tooling process, we’ll consider all of the key features you need from your plastic part. We will then determine a tool configuration that will support your production demands.

Review process

During the review, we’ll consider all of the potential options, prior to providing you with a quotation. However, if you’ve already decided that Moldwel will be manufacturing your components, we’ll conduct a more thorough review to determine the final configuration.

Tooling Review – what are we looking for?

  • Variable and properties of the product
  • Moulding material
  • Determining the mould tool and the tool material
  • Assessing how many cavities will be required

If you choose to proceed with us toward the manufacturing stage, our final review will look at:

  • Product features in finer detail
  • Material shrinkage
  • Controlling temperature
  • Parting line
  • Finish of the surface
  • Gating and position method
  • Ejector positions
  • Moving elements

Once we have completed the final review, we’ll work together to get the product signed off and prepared for the manufacturing stage. We’ll then start making the mould tool design, using the tool specification that we have already created. We use reverse engineering delivered in controlled stages to design the tool. It is then reviewed throughout predetermined intervals.


Lead Times

Lead time is always kept as low as possible by pre-ordering the required materials and resources as early into the process as we can. The entire tooling configuration and design process is incredibly thorough. This ensures that we can create a reliable and effective tool that serves its purpose for life.

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