The Advantages of Injection Moulding for Your Plastic Products

When choosing the right production method for your plastic products, it can be hard to decide what is the best for you application. Moreover, there are many advantages of injection moulding, so, we wanted to give you an overview at what these are. At Moldwel we provide fast and efficient plastic injection moulding services for all industries, from design to delivery.

When choosing to work with us for your plastic moulding process we can guarantee:

1 – Its Accurate ;

Plastic Injection Moulding is such a precise method of manufacturing that almost any type of component can be made in this way. There are certain design restrictions, where other methods such as blow moulding or Vac Forming may be a better option. But the moulds that are made allow the finished injection moulded product to be extremely accurate and precise, more so than in any other field of manufacture.

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2  – Its Fast ;

There is a simple reason why plastic injection moulding is considered the most common technology for high quantities and volumes and long production runs – its very fast and efficient. While actual cycle times depends on the size of the component, the size of the tool and the tonnage of moulding machine used, cycle times can be as quick as 6-8 seconds per shot.

3 – Low Cost ;

After initial tool manufacture, running costs are very low compared to other methods of manufacture, most jobs can run “fully automatic” without an operator and with minimal supervision required.

4 – Recyclable / Environmentally Friendly ;

Despite all of the “bad press” about plastics, Injection Moulding is one of the most environmentally friendly methods of manufacture available. All modern injection moulding machines are incredibly efficient and power resourceful. The actual process itself ensures only the required amount of plastic is used – there is no waste in the production process itself and any “scrap” or “rejected” parts can be granulated and re-used in the production process.

5 – Flexibility ;

Aside from the environmental efficiency, Injection Moulding is also very flexible – parts can be made out of a variety of different materials depending on their end use and can be manufactured in any colour required – therefore you can have what you want – any material, any specific requirement ( strength, flexibility, Heat Resistant etc ) in any colour you want.

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