Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, What Is It?

Plastic injection moulding is a versatile and efficient manufacturing process. It can produce a wide range of plastic components for various industries. However, the process would not be possible without the plastic injection moulding machine. In this blog, we will explore the different parts of the machine and the machinery available at Moldwel.

The Parts of a Plastic Injection Moulding Machine

The plastic injection moulding machine is made up of four main parts: the platen, hopper, barrel, and injection unit with a nozzle.

The Platen

The platen holds the injection moulding tool, which forms the actual component.

The Hopper

The hopper is where the plastic granules are poured or loaded in their granular or solid form at the very beginning of the process.

The Barrel

The hopper sits on top of the barrel, where the granules are heated up into a liquid form.

The Injection Unit and Nozzle

Once heated up, the liquefied granules are injected through the nozzle into the mould tool and into the cavity to form the component shape. The liquefied granules are held and cooled in the cavity until solid before being ejected out.

Moldwel’s Extensive Machinery

Moldwel is a leading plastic injection moulding company with extensive machinery capable of producing components of various sizes. The size of the machine and injection unit determines the size of the moulding component that can be made. At Moldwel, we have machines ranging in size from 35 Tonnes. As a result, we can produce a shot weight/component weight of up to 45 grams, up to 328 Tonnes, which gives a shot weight of 1050 grams.

We take pride in our machinery. Additionally, all of our moulding machines are known for their efficiency, ease of use, and energy efficiency. On our website, we have a full plant and machinery list showing all of our machines, shot weights, and year of manufacture.

Contact Moldwel for More Information

Do you have any questions about plastic injection moulding machines? Or the machinery we have at Moldwel? Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 01922 631252. We would be happy to provide you with information about our plastic moulding services and how our machinery can help bring your ideas to life.

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