Plastic injection moulding companies UK – Companies getting a rough deal ?

Plastic injection moulding companies in the UK are noticing the recent media frenzy about plastics in society – pictures showing up on social media almost on a weekly basis of beaches and oceans full of discarded plastic cups and bottles and the impact they are having on the environment – indeed the Government is currently looking into proposals in relation to a 25 year plan to improve our environmental record. Current published and widely available figures from the BPF ( British Plastics Federation claim that “Plastics arising in the UK are at 3.7 million tonnes ( and growing ) of which 59% is recovered and 29% is recycled and re-used. Almost all types of plastic can be recycled and re-used in a variety of different sectors and applications however this does depend on many differing factors, among them ignorance and negligence, technical issues and obviously financial factors and constraints.

Within plastics used in everyday life there are two main types seen – single use and multi / continual use.

The Dangers of Single Use Plastics

Single use plastics are those which are causing most concern and indeed damage to the environment. Things such as carrier bags, plastic bottles, drinks cups – throwaway items once they have been used and served their purpose. Broadly speaking you would class these items as packaging items.

Most councils offer recycling options for these – whether it be your weekly / bi-weekly home collections of such items, or when you are out and about different waste bins are seen with options to separate types of waste – plastic bottles into one bin, cans into another and so on – this helps by keeping waste out of the environment, and in doing so protecting our wildlife.

Since the government introduced a 5p levy charge on plastic bags, statistics show that that single use of carrier bags within the UK has reduced by a massive 85% – progress at last? You will also have seen in many of the high street Coffee Shops incentives to either bring your own cup or have a reusable cup – all of which are aimed at further reducing waste and impact on the environment.

Plastic Injection Moulding Companies UK

Multi-use plastic is what we do here at Moldwel. These are products that are found and used regularly in every day life – car parts, televisions, light fittings to name but a few – these are all designed and manufactured to last many many years. Most of these items are also made out of plastic that can be recycled and re-used over, again lessoning the impact on the environment. Plastics used here are derived from natural, organic products such as coal and crude oil. Crude oil is a complex mixture of thousands of different compounds. To become useable and workable it has to be processed down – so the use of recycled plastic avoids depleting any further the natural assets of the planet. This then gives us a sustainable and renewable source for new materials and therefore reduces the impact on the environment.

The government has over the past couple of years introduced a number of heavily incentivised schemes to promote and encourages recycling and re-use of “multi-use” plastics – the most common one which received the most publicity is in relation to end of Life Vehicles where the reuse and recycle rate is 85% and the reuse and recover rate is 95% – more and more recycled plastics as a result of this are being used in the manufacture of multi-use plastics.

To summarise, there is clearly an issue with waste plastics having a negative impact upon the environment. Within the industry itself we are all working hard to reduce this, utilising new, more efficient methods of manufacture, using where ever possible recycled materials and reducing scrap and waste.

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