UK Manufacturing has seen a record Jump In Competitiveness

In these tumultuous times, British industries are pushing their limits to claim business, increasing the levels of competitiveness in non-EU markets to record heights.

With the value of the pound falling, British manufacturers are working to fulfil the rising number of domestic orders, and the rising optimism looks to help improve the national GDP growth. Ruth Gregory, an economist at Capital Economics, suggests that that the sector will make a positive contribution in the first quarter, but it is still early days, and there are many concerns to keep in mind.

Import costs have increased and the acquisition of skilled labour remains an issue, the sheer work rate of British manufacturers and the rising domestic orders means there is plenty of available work for all industries.

High demand

Plastic Injection Moulding Companies are one of the many industries that are competing for business, Plastic injection moulders are in high demand, and it will require companies to invest strongly in training and hiring skilled employees across the UK to stand out from the crowd.

Though overall optimism is on the rise, it’s certain to fall as the detrimental costs for firms and ultimately consumers begins to take effect.

The government has been urged to play a more active role in British industry and offer long term solutions for the sector as we begin to leave the EU. Plastic injection moulding companies in the UK must be prepared for what is to come as Brexit takes effect, and being aware of the actions of your competitors and consumers will help you to keep your finger on the buzzer of British industry.

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