Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Your Plastic Injection Moulding

cost-effective moulding

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s), often see producing equipment in house as a simple, cost effective way to create high quality products whilst keeping costs down. In reality, the process ends up being much more complicated and time consuming than originally expected. Plastic injection moulding requires cutting edge equipment, support staff and significant investment in infrastructure.

In your decision to manufacture injection moulded products, you must undergo careful evaluation, being honest and critical with the facts. Ultimately, the decision must benefit your business for cost effective moulding and be in the company’s best interest.

Furthermore, alongside the evaluation, other factors  must be considered as the foundation of your evaluation. Such as, investments in moulds, raw materials, utilities, bottom line costs, labour and packing. No matter how costs are organised within your company, costs are costs. Therefore, if they can be reduced in any way possible, surely that is a huge advantage to the business.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Plastic Injection Moulding.

Cost Saving

By using contract manufacturers your overheads and labour costs are cut significantly. Consequently, you can focus on what your company specialises in and leave the tricky parts to experts without any worries.

High Quality

Ensure to use an ISO certified contracted manufacturer as this signifies continuous improvements on quality of your injected moulded products.


Contract manufacturers can offer higher scheduling capacity in order to meet the needs of your market. Therefore, they are able to distribute new products under higher capacity hence reducing lead times.


As leading plastic injection moulders we can supply your parts quickly, based on your demands; so there will be no panic in house when demands are high.

Economies Of Scale

Contract manufacturers develop and maintain relationship with suppliers. So, it is a good idea to take advantage of their sales resources as well as, industry contacts.

Quality Service For All Our Customers

At Moldwel, as plastic injection moulders we guarantee to provide a cost effective quality service for all customers. In addition, we can handle and manufacture all forms of plastic products. Contact us to find out more on our plastic injection moulding service.


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