Injection Moulding Products At Moldwel – Only the Best for Any Industry

Here at Moldwel we produce and manufacture a wide variety of different products, using a very wide range of plastic materials, for many industries and end users.

Moldwel – Then and Now

Previously we “specialised” in manufacturing plastic moulding products almost exclusively for the Healthcare Sector. For instance, we produced components used in the manufacture of Hospitals Beds, Tables and Lifting Equipment.

Nowadays, we mould and manufacture basically anything for anyone. If it’s made from plastic and can be moulded we can do it. Sometimes this is in 100,000 + per run, sometimes this is as little as 100 off per run.

At present we produce the following types of products of injection moulding;

  • Weaving Bobbins for the textiles industry. This is normally made from PP in a variety of different colours these are produced from Hot-Runner multi cavity tools.
  • Lighting Fixtures, Covers and Diffusers – made from Flame Retardant, UV Stabilised Polycarbonate.
  • Point of Display Components. For instance, hooks and hangars etc, made in various colours and finishes made from various materials depending on their end use.

We produce a high number of parts for a Leading UK Lock Manufacturer based in the Midlands. We have produced over 200 different components for this customer, supplying and delivering weekly on a Kan Ban basis.

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Fire Safety Injection Moulding Products

We have for over 10 years manufacturing products for the Fire Safety Industry.  manufacturing to high very high, specific tolerances and conditions.

A recent, new customer and range of plastic products is insulated tools for the Rail, Highways, Fire & Rescue Sector. All products have been developed from scratch, with new tools made here in the West Midlands, including over-moulding.

We do still mould some products for the Healthcare Sector, re-useable medical Polyware pots made from compounded PP.

This is just a snapshot of the main customers and industries we currently supply to.

Looking for a plastic injection moulding company?

If you are looking for a plastic moulding company and would like to find out more about our products and plastic injection moulding services here at Moldwel please visit our website or give us a call today on 01922 631252.

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